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How to Burn Even More Calories

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories. This is common knowledge and is probably the reason why many of us exercise regularly, but it’s a constant battle because the more you eat, the more calories there are to burn. Calories that aren’t burned through activity are stored by the body, resulting in unwanted weight gain.

Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to devote even more time to exercise, so how can we increase our calorie burn rate during simple day to day activities? The answer is to think about what you’re doing and how you can use each activity as an opportunity to burn calories. Follow these tips to burn even more each day and increase your chances of losing weight.

• Start taking care of your own chores. For example; wash your own car, walk the dog, and mow your lawn. Not only will you burn extra daily calories, but you’ll also save some money, by not paying someone else to take care of it
• Be kind to the environment and burn extra calories by cycling to work instead of driving. Just ten minutes of cycling equals 100 calories burned.
• When you’re in an office building or anywhere else that has lots of stairs, don’t take the easy option with the elevator. Take the stairs and burn extra calories.
When going out with friends, choose active activities. Bowling, dancing and hiking burn a massive amount of calories when compared to watching a movie or going out for coffee.
• Leave the prime parking spots for those who really need them and walk that little bit further to kill a few extra calories.
• In the office, don’t email or call your colleagues if they are in the same building. Get up and walk to them.
• Chew your food properly. Did you know that most of us do not chew our food enough? Aid your digestion and really chew your food. Even a minute task such as chewing can burn more calories.
• Snack on ‘negative calorie’ foods. Negative calorie foods burn more calories during digestion than is actually contained within them. Enjoy guilt free snacks and burn extra calories by eating raw foods such as celery, lettuce, cucumber and oranges.
Stand when possible. Don’t sit down when you’re on the telephone, pace and walk around to burn extra calories. When you’re travelling on the bus, give your seat to someone who needs it. You burn more calories standing than you do sitting.
As you can see, small actions carried out regularly really can add up and help to increase the amount of calories you burn everyday without the need for extra sessions at the gym.

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