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Questions About Avatrim?

"Clinically proven," says Avatrim's web site. But it's not. At least, not yet. And maybe not ever - it's too soon to tell for sure. It's not unusual for a weight loss product's manufacturer and/or retail marketer to claim that it is made from a "revolutionary formula" like Avatrim's does, and some really are quite new. Avatrim isn't one of these, however. In addition, Avatrim's web site does not contain any information about clinical trials ever being done on the the product, much less any research results.

Avatrim contains:

Green tea extracts. In Avatrim's favor, this substance has been scientifically proven to cause a small to moderate increase in metabolism, thus burning fat and calories more efficiently at the cellular level. It also limits the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose (sugar). But green tea is mostly known and used by millions of people world-wide for it's nutritional, antioxident, and cancer-prevention properties. It's also enjoyed simply for its natural, herbal taste. The least that can be said about green tea is that it will do a user no harm. At best, it's one of nature's rare miracle foods. The problem with Avatrim is that the amount of green tea contained in the product is unknown.

Biotin. This is a form of vitamin B that has been a component in fat burners, as one review site puts it, "since dinosaurs roamed the Earth." It's very healthy, but not exactly revolutionary as Avatrim's site claims its ingredients to be. How much biotin is contained in Avatrim? Unknown.
L-Carnitine. This amino acid plays an important part in the body's function and health. Among other things, it helps burn fatty acids - a necessary action for the body to provide itself with energy. The problem with Avatrim's inclusion of L-carnitine in its formula is that there's no evidence to suggest that artificially increasing the body's level of this amino acid is of any help in weight loss. How much L-carnitine is contained in Avatrim? Unknown.
Piper nigrum. You may not realize it, but you probably have this substance on your dining room table - it's just black pepper. Just like some fat burners use red chili peppers to generate calorie-burning inside the body, Avatrim's creators use the black variety that is not quite as hot, but still efficient as a seasoning and as a fat burner. How much pepper is contained in Avatrim? Unknown.

Avatrim passes FDA standards in its manufacturing and sales; it does no harm to users. It's also unknown if the Avatrim formula is effective in weight loss. In another year, after the product has developed a "following" and a clinical profile of results, perhaps this can be determine. Until then, it's simply too close to call.

A quick look at Phen375's bottle will tell you exactly how much L-carnitine is contained in each tablet: 508 micrograms. Daily values for its other ingredients haven't been established, but still all these ingredients are listed and have a tried-and-true history of being top-rated as fat burners. One thing is certain: Phen375's formula includes these powerful fat burners that are safe for most adults. What you can expect from this product's truly revolutionary formula is the very best help with your weight loss goals available today without prescription.

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